Since 2016 POWERHOUSE PAGEANTRY has been helping incredible women all over the world dominate their pageant interviews, transform into incredible lady leaders, and rewire negative mental frameworks into mindsets that work for them, not against them.
Tired of the one-size fits all approach to coaching, Coach Megan Swanson uses her backgrounds a 2x State Titleholder (MUO & MAO, the first in her state to win both titles, and won both on her first attempt), as a Certified Life Coach, her 13+ years in ministry, and 9 years in the music industry to help every client understand who she is as an individual, become a Master Interviewer, and gain skills to be a successful leader even after her journey as a pageant competitor is over.


The goal of Powerhouse Pageantry isn’t ever JUST to help a young lady win her pageant. (Although we absolutely crush that, read below!) We help her grow in her individual mastery of self, too. Below, we’ve listed our main pillars that every client learns when they coach with us. If you want to not only win your pageant, but become a leader and influencer in life, you’re in the right place.


Powerhouse Mental Mastery

If your head is a mess, so is the rest. Stop comparing yourself, deep-dive into understanding your Unique Personality, Your Action Style, and rewire your mind to work on Success Autopilot forever.

Your Style & Super Stories™

Are your style and words conveying the same message or are you confusing the judges before you even have a chance?

Platform and Paperwork

In Coach Megan’s opinion, these are the two areas that MOST competitors largely underutilize. Want to stand out to the judges? You need paperwork that absolutely SCREAMS personality, and your platform or community work needs to be on par with the standard of competition for which you are competing. Let our team help you, so you don’t waste your time or money competing when you never really had a chance.

Confident Values Codex™ and Advanced Questions Framework

Are you scared if you share your opinion you’ll offend the judges? Come off as too strong? Want to be even stronger? We believe in developing the foundation of your values and identity, never asking you to compromise on your beliefs, paired with our Framework to answer any question effortlessly, and from the heart. Sounds fun, right? That’s how it should be.

Current Events & Hot Button Issues

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. As someone with a Music Background, Coach Megan used to struggle with Current Events, because it simply wasn’t her passion. Now, she helps ensure every client has both the knowledge, and the finesse to answer any Hot Button Issue that comes a Powerhouse Girl’s way. In fact, her clients now LOVE sharing their opinions.

Brand & Social

In the world of social media and post-COVID-19 life, our industry has adapted even more so to almost exclusively “getting out there” via a confident, streamlined online presence. We’ve always been ahead of the curve, operating exclusively online since our inception. Coach Megan built Powerhouse to a 6-Figure Business exclusively via Instagram, and has negotiated brand deals that have gained her and her clients thousands of dollars of free product, and thousands of new followers over the past four years. Let us help you grow your brand for both your pageant, and post-pageant life.

Mocks & Resources

Every Powerhouse Client will undergo several real-life-situation mock interviews with Coach Megan or a member of her team. We also give our clients resources to ensure that every part of pageant prep is thought of, including packing lists, extra books to read for continued personal development, and sample scripts for reaching out to sponsors. If it’s pageant related, we’ve got ya covered.


In 2019, 95% of our clients won their local or state interview prelims.
We are proud to have coached extremely successful titleholders at all levels, including but not limited to:

Morgan Holen

Morgan Holen - Miss Nebraska 2021(Interview Winner)

Kaitlin O’Neill

Miss South Dakota 2021(Talent and Social Impact Pitch Winner)

Daisy Sudderth

Miss Nebraska Teen USA 2021

Emily Schumacher

Miss Minnesota’s Outstanding Teen 2017 (Miss MNOT Interview winner, Top 10 Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2018, Top 6 MAOT National Interview).

Lydia Tremaine

(Miss Indiana 2018, Winner, Talent and Interview Prelims, Miss Indiana 2018, Top 15 Miss America, Talent Prelim Winner - Miss America 2019).

Amber Hulse

Miss South Dakota 2019 (Winner, Interview Miss South Dakota 2019, Social Impact Initiative Scholarship 2nd Runner-Up).

Allie Swanson

Miss Nebraska 2019 (Winner, Interview, Miss Nebraska 2019, Winner, Tiffany Phillips Scholar-Athlete Scholarship winner).

Victoria Rhemrev-Blair

Miss Illinois Teen USA 2020, Winner, Interview and Winner, Active Wear, Miss Illinois Teen USA 2020.

Kirstin Bangs

Kirstin Bangs, 1st Runner-Up Miss Kansas USA, 2021, Evening Gown Winner, Miss Photogenic.

Liza Rogers

Liza Rogers, 3rd Runner-Up Miss Kansas USA 2021

Savanna Wilson

Savanna Wilson, 4th Runner-Up Miss Kansas USA 2021