Have you ever felt like you’re doing all the “right” things with not enough to show for it? You’re taking action from all the podcasts. You’re following in the footsteps of the titleholders who seem to have what you want. You’re checking all the boxes and following the step-by-step path to “success.” And, maybe you’re seeing some “success,” but it doesn’t feel like you thought it would. It doesn’t feel sustainable, repeatable, or even fulfilling.

Are you doing ALL THE THINGS, but you’re still not where you want to be? Or maybe even (if we’re getting really real) WHO you want to be?

Sisters, it’s time to throw that playbook out the window.


when it comes to pageant prep and life, YOU get to make the rules

Fueled by belief, not governed by “how it’s always been done”

We know that in order to find a level of success that no one else has, we’d have to do what no one else was willing to do.


So, we created a set of frameworks that will not only teach you how to win your pageant, but how to continue to think, speak, and act successfully, over and over again. As competitors ourselves, we were tired of the approaches we saw that seemed to train everyone the same. When in reality, we saw that a person’s uniqueness is the very thing that CAUSED them to win in the first place. We stacked our programs to train for immediate momentum in the areas our clients need most, and are constantly updating and adding to the materials we provide. We love to learn, and through our core value of “fun,” we know you will too!

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built on beliefs like these

You can always change who you are and what you become. The goal is to never stop learning.

Speak the truth in love. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

Rules are restricting, systems are for winners.

Life is already serious enough, it’s time to have fun!

Encouraging words breathe life. Be quick to lift up, and slow to criticize.

Reward people often. Reward people openly. Celebrate every win!

Become a doer → watch your life change.


A former Pageant Queen (Miss Nebraska (2014), Miss Nebraska USA (2020), turned Entrepreneur & Sales Queen, Megan (Swanson) Rhodes lives to help women provide wealth for their families while unlocking their identity, leadership, and discovering their unique voices. Her company The Powerhouse Collective contains two major brands that help facilitate this – Powerhouse Pageantry, which since 2016 has grown to become one of the largest pageant coaching businesses in the world, and Powerhouse Collective, which trains female experts, coaches, and consultants to build scalable and successful online businesses to 6+ figures. A graduate of Belmont University’s Commercial Music Voice Program, Megan works actively as a decorated Singer/Songwriter, Author, and Keynote Speaker around the country. As of 2022, she is now proudly the wife of her favorite person on earth, Landon. In her spare time, she loves to try new restaurants, travel, and curl up with a good book!

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What's up y'all! You can call me coach Megan.

Allie (Swanson) Mancuso is the COO of Powerhouse Pageantry. She was Miss Nebraska 2019-2020 (MAO) and Mrs Nebraska United States 2022 (USNP). Allie is married to her husband Joe, and they reside in Omaha, Nebraska. As a certified Executive Coach, Allie enjoys helping women unlock the winner within and develop key strategies of success in their lives. She has her Master's Degree in Executive Coaching & Organizational Leadership and loves helping pageant women THRIVE in life and in pageants. Coach Allie specializes in paperwork, organization, pitch/on stage speaking, on stage question, partnerships, strategy, platform development and more.

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Hi everyone, i'm coach allie!


But there was a problem.

No matter how passionate I was about pageants, and helping women in life, relationships, and business… I had no way to combine them all.

Then, through the wisdom of those around me (thanks to my hubby, Landon, and sister, Allie!) it all clicked.
And the Powerhouse Framework was born.

Here’s what happened:

  • Our clients’ results went through the roof
  • Our systems worked better as a staff, producing less strain
  • We were able to take on way more clients as a whole, while paying even MORE attention to our 1 on 1 Academy clients.

This was it! Our first flagship program, Interview Mastery Academy was born, which has now grown into our second, absolutely amazing program, The Pageant Academy.

Our ultimate goal of developing world-class resources & training that help our clients grow “with AND without us” has been rocking and rolling ever since, putting absolutely ANYTHING a client would need, into their hands in real-time.

and we really do believe powerhouse pageantry can do the same for you

We’re not special. We just followed a system that delivers consistent results for us and so many others.

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"From a Non-finalist
Interview Award recipient to
a Top 5 state finalist, they
helped me to not only see
potential in myself, but
taught me how to share that
with others. The woman I
am today is unrecognizable
from the woman I was one
year ago, and I am so much
better for it...

...From my first call with Powerhouse to the state competition, and the countless hours of work in between, Megan and Allie were my biggest supporters in helping me not only compete for, but truly prepare for my dream job."

-Miranda Moore

Top 5 Miss Pennsylvania 2022

-Sarah Swift

"Since becoming a Powerhouse client, I live everyday boldly, lead fearlessly, and present myself with the utmost confidence. Coach Megan and Allie poured into my pageant prep, ensuring I was always working towards my dream in the most efficient and effective ways possible."

Miss Rocky Mountain 2021
Top 5 Miss Colorado 2022 (As an 18 Year Old!)
Top 15 Miss Colorado Teen USA 2022

Better together?
We really mean that.

We are supernaturally passionate about our mission of equipping women spiritually, physically, emotionally, relationally, and financially. In fact – we have a silly name we call this kind of growth: “SPERF” growth! 

Coming from a normal-middle class family, “wealth” wasn’t something discussed over the dinner table. But DREAMS, always were. In our household, we made dreams happen through hard work, and putting ourselves in the room where it happens. At Powerhouse, we’ve carefully crafted a support team and Powerhouse™ trained coaches to ensure that your experience is streamlined and transformational.

meet the team

Meet Kendra

Life coach, executive assistant, and queen of administration, Kendra is the doer of all things! She keeps us on track with project management, makes our design and branding look pretty, helps take care of clients, event set up, and any other gaps that need filled. Fun fact: Kendra is an enneagram 9 and LOVES coffee!

We want to do much more than inspire or empower you. 
We’re here to EQUIP you.

We are passionate about your transformation. We really mean that. That’s why we brought this repeatable method to more people. It works for winning pageants across the board.

We believe learning how to get your message across in a way that truly empowers the person you’re speaking to… well, that’s not just life changing, that’s legacy-changing.

Sure, we’re here to get you more crowns on your head. Yes, we’re here to help you get faster results, instead of frying your brain and body every time you need to reach a goal. We’re here to help you put together a better version of YOU. The only YOU the judges see. Let’s make it one they see all over the world!

Above all of that?

We are pulling for you to start becoming the leader you were put on this earth to be so you can experience a next-level kind of success and fulfillment you may not believe to be possible yet.

The pHp difference

Want to get started NOW?
Yep, that’s how we vibe, too.

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