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So what is powerhouse? It's a

We know you’ve showed up for one-off coaching sessions, listened to endless podcasts, and maybe even attended another in-person event in the industry. However helpful these things can be helpful “what’s” out there to do… they don’t always teach the “how.”

The exact “how” that will put that crown on your head, and give you the ticket to the job of your dreams.

When you join The Powerhouse Family (The Club, The Academy, etc), you can have complete confidence knowing that you have frameworks in your back pocket for whatever pageants, (and life!) throw your way. We’re here to do more than just be your pageant coaches. We’re here to transform your life.


We'll teach you how to do exactly what the winners do.

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"From a Non-finalist
Interview Award recipient to
a Top 5 state finalist, they
helped me to not only see
potential in myself, but
taught me how to share that
with others. The woman I
am today is unrecognizable
from the woman I was one
year ago, and I am so much
better for it...

...From my first call with Powerhouse to the state competition, and the countless hours of work in between, Megan and Allie were my biggest supporters in helping me not only compete for, but truly prepare for my dream job."

-Miranda Moore

Top 5 Miss Pennsylvania 2022

-Sarah Swift

"Since becoming a Powerhouse client, I live everyday boldly, lead fearlessly, and present myself with the utmost confidence. Coach Megan and Allie poured into my pageant prep, ensuring I was always working towards my dream in the most efficient and effective ways possible."

Miss Rocky Mountain 2021
Top 5 Miss Colorado 2022 (As an 18 Year Old!)
Top 15 Miss Colorado Teen USA 2022

With our unique, repeatable, timeless system, you’ll be able to create the pageant prep system with your team, and your mindset within yourself, that you’ve always wanted. Through our online programs, in-person events, and family-like support along the way, we are on a mission to not just empower women to win their pageants, but equip them in the process for life far beyond the crown.



If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “This doesn’t feel right. There has GOT to be a better way…” Sister, you’ve found it! Pageant Prep is about so much more than just answering questions, picking outfits, and parading on stage. We believe that every skill you need for a pageant, you also need for life. Those skills might be tangible “pageant” skills for areas of competition, or they might be in the “soft skill” category that are typically far less tangible to communicate. That is, without our help, of course. (wink wink)

Our vision of winning looks like watching you feel 100% confident in every single area of competition, while winning in your mind the entirety of pageant week. It looks like the ability to be yourself, make new friends, and win awards, ALL at the same time. It means teaching you how to win at work, in the classroom, and in relationships, communicating impressively in ALL areas of your life. We believe winning looks like being the same person at your pageant that you are at the coffee shop with your bestie. It’s about loving and serving people well, practicing what you preach, and becoming a doer in every area of your life. It’s developing life-skills and life experience that makes you the most interesting girl competing.

For us – this girl – is a Powerhouse.

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Because there IS a better way to prepare for pageants

We’ll teach you our timeless, repeatable system so you can release your competition anxiety and gain the confidence it seems like everyone has but you. Here’s just a little glimpse of our whole-person approach to pageant coaching.

“Success is 20% skill and 80% mindset,” according to Tony Robbins. (The GOAT, amirite?) So, in order to help you work your way toward the most sustainable success, this is where we always start. The brain is your most powerful tool, and in order to strengthen your communication, presence, and leadership skills, you first have to learn how to master your brain. Then, you can understand how the judges brains work at every point you’ll communicate with them.

We’re a family-owned, family-run business that likes to work extremely hard, and laugh even harder. Raised by two parents in ministry, a lot of times growing up all we had was each other, and God. Through learning to have the best night ever over a deck of cards, we release the same joy and fun into every element of our trainings, events, and culture. On the journey of pursuing your next big GOAL, life can oftentimes get in the way. Paired with the best mindset coaches in the industry, and the chief fun officers Allie & Megan will help you come to every training jacked up on the joy juice! (Don’t you love when you’re learning, and you don’t even realize you’re learning because you’re having so much fun?!) Us too.

As an Enneagram 8w7, Powerhouse Pageantry’s founder Megan (Swanson) Rhodes' #1 most coveted value is loyalty. We aim to build a culture of openness and honesty, and with that, comes the responsibility of also creating an environment of trust. Simply put – you can’t learn from coaches that you don’t feel safe around. Your subconscious will literally be holding you back from vulnerability, which is the biggest catalyst for your own growth. As certified Life & Executive Coaches, the Powerhouse Pageantry team has you covered to grow to new heights, while stretching you outside of your comfort zone in a safe learning environment. On top of this, we offer our Academy clients a certified guarantee that we only work one–on-one with 3 ladies per state, per competition, per year. We wholeheartedly oppose the ideals that we need to be “everyone’s coach,” and strive to work only with ladies who carry similar values, whose problems directly and perfectly align with our areas of expertise.

Are you steering the interview, or are the judges? Do you decide where your eye contact goes, or the camera? Using The Powerhouse Method, we’ll teach you exactly how to move, walk, and talk like the A-Class Pageant titleholders you follow on the ‘Gram. Pique the judges curiosity before they even meet you, have them scrolling endlessly through your IG without fear, and have them wishing they had 10 more minutes to speak with you every time you interview.





Each week (Tuesdays!) you are served up a binge worthy, actionable episode (also on YouTube!) to help you win your next pageant, conquer your mindset, and win in life. Because, just FYI, you are so much MORE than “just a pageant girl.” (In case you haven’t heard that in a while!) Every episode is hand-crafted to get you one step closer to winning. In fact, we get messages every week telling us “Hi – you don’t know me but, I won just by listening to your podcast!” Enter: our hearts exploding with joy.
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  • Define (& Refine) Your Brand
  • Develop your platform
  • Strengthen your mindset
  • Avoid humongous mistakes
  • Develop answers to questions
  • Laugh! Cry! Sing!

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