Our W.I.N. Framework ™ is a coaching framework unlike any other Pageant Coaching out there. Our method is unique, repeatable, and timeless. That means you can learn exactly how to win your pageant in less time, with more peace, and an A-Z system that all you have to do is follow. 

Plus, our W.I.N. Framework ™ helps you not just win your pageant, but all of the skills you learn with us apply directly and immediately to your overall life, goals, and well-being.

You Might Be A Fit For Us If You Want To:
  • Win without the traditional clunkiness of 1 on 1 pageant coaching
  • Win without harmful & emotionally devastating fad dieting that can permanently wreck your hormones
  • Win without worrying about how many followers you have, or whether the judges are picking you because of them.
  • Enjoy preparing for your pageant again (it should be FUN!)
  • Be the best, look the best, and articulate yourself the best without compromising your integrity or authentic values and beliefs.

When it comes to Pageant Coaching… we understand that it may feel like you’ve tried absolutely everything. You’ve listened to podcasts (hopefully ours!), watched all the YouTube videos, and possibly even worked with other coaches before. (All things we encourage!) You’ve tried posting on social media, doing appearances, and possibly have even placed in the Top 15 before.

One thing we know is true, is that you want the job, the crown, and the opportunity to serve your state or nation more than anything. But, it still feels like you’re piecing together everything to the point that you have no idea what did work when it does.

We take a whole-person approach to coaching, because we believe that it’s not worth a single dollar spent to become someone you’re not. The pageant skillset you will develop with us is based on over 15,000 hours dedicated to our craft of coaching, almost 10 years as entrepreneurs, as well as winning and/or competing at major local, state, national competitions like Miss America, Miss USA, and Mrs. United States. 

Pageant Coaching

Powerhouse Pageantry takes time-tested techniques of human psychology and turns them into a repeatable framework so you can win people over, communicate effectively to the world your authentic self, and build a brand that impacts others far beyond pageantry. 

Leadership and Personal Development Training

Part of what makes our methodology different is the fact that you learn skills that will transfer to all areas of your life, regardless of whether you’re still doing pageants or not.

We really believe that winning a pageant is being the best leader in the room, and visa versa. It’s not just having the best hair and makeup, walk, gown, and dress that cause you to win a pageant. It’s what’s inside, being manifested as a relaxed, confident leader on the outside.

After learning our W.I.N. Framework and our overall Powerhouse Process, you’ll start to grow into a Powerhouse yourself that’s been waiting to be unlocked for years. Even more, everyone else around you will notice, too.

Framework (n.) - an essential supporting structure of a building, vehicle, or object. A frame of reference. A system of rules, ideas, or beliefs that is used to plan or decide something.

We believe a Framework can also be defined as not just the structure of which you learn, but also as a system of how you go about getting it done. Webelieve that this is what makes the difference between a pageant competitor that has momentary, small wins, and a competitor that wins long term.

Why A Framework?


Simply running a few mock interviews or practicing your walk isn’t enough. You must learn and know how to take your own massive imperfect action, even when we aren’t present on the call. That’s the magic of our framework. Through the end of your training, you’ll know exactly how to lead yourself, take massive imperfect action, and take your prep over with confident leadership and self-accountability. 

Take Massive Imperfect Action, Get Results


Tailored, Specific 1 on 1’s

We truly believe that structured, real-time, leadership-based coaching is where the real magic happens. Your 1 on 1 sessions are structured as a safe space to provide guided feedback and points of growth for each client. 


You’ll get access to all of your content, which your Powerhouse Certified Coaches will walk you through so you can focus on one piece of the framework at a time. Plus, you get access to the content portal for LIFE, which means as much time as you need to dive DEEP.

Dive In + learn

Get immediate access to our one-of-a-kind group with current clients, Powerhouse Grads, and coaches. This is a safe space to practice, get feedback, and hear from mega-influencers, entrepreneurs, and movers-and-shakers from all over the world.

Each month, we bring on experts from various industries and backgrounds to speak with our Club members, giving access to thought-leaders that normally our clients would have to invest tens of thousands of dollars to spend time with.

Hop in the Powerhouse Club ™ 


When you enroll, we walk you through step by step to get you set up and introduce you to the Powerhouse Community and Coaches. You'll get to interact with other women going through similar growth during your training to implement the new skills, gain new perspectives, encouragement, momentum, and added accountability.

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How It Works:
The Process

More winning and faster results are just the beginning


Winning more pageants and hitting your personal goals lightning fast is what you want, isn’t it? We also know that you are the type of person who wants more than just more, better, and faster. You want to feel purpose and authenticity in your pursuits. You want to feel like you’re truly serving people better than ever. You want to feel like you’re going after something that’s bigger than you. Sound about right?

One of the fringe benefits of working with Powerhouse Pageantry is that you’ll uncover a framework to get CLEAR on your personal “why” message, no matter what your platform or social impact is. Clarity translates to more benefits than we can even list on this page.

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